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Desiree is a professional travel and landscape photographer, having had the privilege of visiting several countries, including her country of birth; Brazil, several times to photograph the many exotic and beautiful aspects the country has to offer.


"Photography is a huge passion of mine! There's something to be said about traveling to different parts of the world and experiencing what it's like to be there in person. 

I have had many incredible opportunities to see many exciting places. But to me, the best part about traveling, is the ability to capture these stunning places and moments in time on camera, and to be able to preserve a little bit of that experience for others to enjoy as well. 

I love creating art through the view of my lens in such a way that it causes those who view my artwork to feel like they have "been there" too! 

The vibrancy of the colours, the texture and the can almost feel it!"


Desiree's work has been published by several publications including Harrowsmith Country Life magazine where she received the award of Best Photograph of the Year 2005 with Nature in Focus and David Suzuki.

If you are interested in purchasing any of her images found on this website, please visit the Prints Page for further details, or fill out the contact form below to ask Desiree any questions you might have about ordering a print or licensing an image.


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Approximately once  a month I send out an email updating my followers on the latest image releases and news related to my photography.  I will include a highlight of the newest blog post, which will usually consist of the latest "Story Behind The Photo" video series that I have been working on lately. 
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