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Welcome to my New Website!! :)

Welcome to my new website!! I'm so excited to be launching this new project and to be having you here celebrating by reading this blog post! YAY! :)

I had been wanting to put a nice beautiful website like this together, for a long time now - 7 years, in fact! But I was not able to get around to fully completing it, because not only did I have a hard time finding the right place to call "home" for my images, but life also just got really busy with everything else.

But, I decided to finally take action and grab a hold of this far away dream, and make it into reality! And here it is! WOW!!

It's been a lot of hard work, with many long hours into the wee mornings of the following days... but with the Lord's help, and His joy being my strength, this dream has finally now become a reality -to God's glory!

Thank you for being here to see this site come to fruition! I'm very excited to share it with YOU and give back a small token of appreciation to this community that has been such a blessing to me!

I'll be heading out on an exciting trip to Brazil soon and am super excited to be sharing about my experiences there, right here on the BLOG, FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM!

So make sure to Follow me on Instagram and Like my Facebook Page, as I'll be posting updates throughout my trip there -and I'd love for you to tag along!

Oh! And when you LIKE my FB Page, make sure to click on the "SEE FIRST" option from the drop down menu, so you can make sure to actually see my posts, when I update the page.

This is VERY IMPORTANT because you're not going to want to miss any of the new posts I put on there, as I plan on sharing some really cool deals, tips and ideas that only those who see the posts will be able to take advantage of !

And on that note, I'd love to share with you a "Grand Opening" Discount of 15% off of everything in the PRINTS page! This includes my Inspirational Project collection and the Latest Release collection! Just use Coupon Code: THHDCE at checkout. But make sure you use it quickly, because this code is good only until May 31st, 2016!

Also, please make sure to SIGN UP for the NEWSLETTER where I plan on providing you with cool tips and ideas on traveling, keep you up to date on the latest new releases, offer exclusive discounts and so much more!!

(Don't worry, I only plan on sending out these newsletters approx. once a month -I don't want to clutter your inbox either!)

Lastly if you have any thoughts or ideas on different topics you would like for me to touch on here on the blog and/or in the newsletter, please feel free to leave a comment at the end of this post, or CONTACT ME here.

And if you like the content that I have to share with you, please SHARE it with others as well, by clicking one of the Social Media Icons below this post.

Thanks so much everyone!

And here's to many more new and exciting blog posts up ahead! WOOHOO!!!

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