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Summer Travel Deal Websites

Summer is here! YAY!! :)

It's time to take full advantage of the warm weather, and the fact that the kids are out of school, to go out and enjoy some family time together!

Whether you're planning to go away on an international trip, do a road trip with your car, or have a "staycation" right in your backyard, make sure to bring your camera along and make those memorable times together last forever!

Now for some Travel Deal Websites to check out:

1) If you're planning to go on an international trip, whether it be to a part of the USA (yes, I'm in Canada), an all-inclusive vacation deal, or a trip to Europe, and other parts of the world, with accommodations, I definitely recommend checking out and even You'll be amazed at some of the deals you'll find -especially on Groupon.

I would suggest creating an account and signing up for their newsletters, where they'll send notifications on good deals that might interest you.

Now, for Groupon, in particular, you'll need to monitor them because they may start sending you other emails of other deals they have going on, that you may not have asked for. That's what happened with me. They started sending me emails of other deals that I wasn't interested in... it was annoying. But they are at least good at not continuing to send other unwanted emails, once you ask them to stop.

Still, I'd say it's worth the annoyance of the other emails, considering the many incredible deals you'll find on Groupon.

2) If you're just looking for flights and you already have accommodations set up, I would sign up to receive Air Canada's email deals. Check it out HERE .

I have gotten so many incredible flight deals from their email newsletters, it's amazing!

They have flight deals for places all over the world!

But remember that these deals can only be accessed through their newsletter with a discount code. They don't offer these discounts on their website. I have been able to find some awesome flights for our trips to Brazil through their newsletters. Not only that, but they offer points through , another great reason to fly with them, so definitely sign up for their newsletter, if you like to collect miles.

Another great site to check out, if you're planning a flight to the United States, is

This company isn't as well known as some of the other flight companies out there. And because of this, they work hard to provide you with the best deals possible.

A very good friend of mine had to make several stops along the way to different states, during her travels. So she bought one-way tickets through and it saved her quite a bit of money -in fact, I believe she mentioned it cost her almost half of what it would have cost her, had she used one of the other websites! And she did her research too!

They also have a newsletter you can sign up for with great deals on specific locations that you might be interested in.

Now, I wouldn't recommend this site for flights in other parts of the world...their deals for those are not as good. But for flights to the USA, make sure to check them out.

3) If you're planning to go on a long road trip, some people choose to drive their own cars. And that's completely fine. For me though, I would much rather rent a car, so as not to use up the kilometers and just the overall expenditure of my own car so quickly.

Another reason to rent a car, is simply because you flew to your destination, and need a way to get around easily, without being dependent on other people, or public transportation.

And that's where come into play.

They provide you with the best pricing on all major car rental companies -worldwide!

Definitely sign up for their newsletter, in order to get exclusive discounts with them. They even have a mobile phone app for both Apple and Android smartphones to help you find a good deal on the go!

Hope these websites are helpful to you! Feel free to leave a comment below to let me know which sites you like to use to get your deals. It's so awesome when we can share and help each other out! :)

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